Hey guys. I really enjoy my Vox Night Train for the small venues I do, but I'm looking for a better suited speaker for it. I got both the head and cab (homemade deal) in trade for one of my combos, and although it's fine, I could stand to go with a better matched speaker for the tones the Night Train wants to put out. I believe the cab has some kind of Weber that sounds better suited for a Tweed style amp or Deluxe. Was thinking a Greenback or a derivative of such would work, as the Night Train is not exactly like an AC30 or AC15, but generically British in tone. I tried a Vintage 30 loaded Orange 2x12 that my friend has. It was too spiky and modern for what I wanted. Any suggestions? I don't have a particular price range, but I'm attracted to the affordability of WGS speakers. Genres are all over the map, but trying to stick with the Brit vibe of the amp. Thanks.
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I have a cab loaded with a Retro 30 (WGS) and a Cannabis Rex and it sounds great for blues-rock, also has a nice smoothness to it with a fuzz. On the flip side my g12t75 and vet 30 loaded cab sounds much brighter in comparison.

I am with you, I really like the affordability of the WGS selection, and from what I can tell they are very well made and sound great. win-win!
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I really like greenbacks with my night train. Gets rid of all the harshness and overly brightness compared to vintage 30's.
I think that the g12h 30 (which is in the night train cab if I remember correctly) is supposed to sound somewhere between the greenback and the vintage 30, so if you compare the g12h 30 with the v30, the greenback is kind of the next step away from that spikey modern sound.