Yesterday I traded my Line 6 HD500 (wasn't using) for this LTD EC1000.

Flamed top, Sperzel locking tuners, Duncan JB/'59 pups, Earvnana nut, TonePros Bridge/Tail, Abalone flags and binding, and HSC. Very well built, plays great, pretty as hell. She only has a headstock chip (to be fixed later) and light worming on the back at the very bottom. The seller said she was a 2008, turns out after checking with ESP, she is a 2004. And these pics were before I stripped, cleaned, polished, and oiled her.

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Congrats! Those are great guitars for the price. I actually just bought a Viper 400 for a couple hundred to mess around on.

I have had a couple EC-1000 over the years. I actually had a see through blue one many moon ago and got rid of it, and deeply regret it, I hardly ever see one of those pop up used.
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Nice! All that abalone can bee a bit much IMO on a darker guitar but it looks quite nice on the natural colored burst. I'd definitely have one.

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Nice score man! Love me some EC-1000s

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Very nice. Good color nice flame and match. Good luck. I'll bet it sounds awesome.
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HNGD! Those mid-2000s LTDs are incredible (I own two MH400s from 2006 and both keep up with my MIJ ESP remarkably well).
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Sweet fiddle man! I have a EC-1000VB with the EMGs. I have been looking at this one for a minute, got to get the cheddar back up after buying my last G'tar.