I've managed to somehow get a tiny smudge of blue ballpoint pen on my lovely new white tele, just two days after getting it. Its small but annoying, I've tried a flannel and hot water and my finger but it isn't coming off.

I'd like to know how, without damaging the white itself!?
Please help
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Naptha, aka cigarette lighter fluid.
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I also have to do that. Cottaging this weekend
Hand sanitizer works quite well. Also gets permanent marker off of white boards, but that's a different matter.
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Thank you for all the help from everyone here as usual! The lightfuel didn't do a great job. But I very, very, very carefuly used some acetone to get it to a level where you can only see if you searched for it. Acetone is a risk, but the small amount was worth it.

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Can I ask how you got biro on your tele? 0.o

I must've been writing with it on and accidently touched it.
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^^^^ It there any indication that it etched the surface?

A risk with strong solvents like acetone is that you can fix the stain into the surface, and that would make it very difficult to get off with milder solvents.

The stain wasn't coming off with the alternatives. I stopped using the acetone as soon as I noticed a tiny bit of white coming off the finish. It's not been perfectly removed, but it's pretty much 95% unnoticable.
Tcut. It will also polish out any damage the acetone has done to the surface,
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those little alcohol pads are great, should get the rest of it off. also great for cleaning any gunk off of the body and for cleaning your fretboard but only do that if youre going to slap on some fretboard conditioner right after.

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