I've just purchased a 2nd hand Yamaha JR2 as a travel guitar. I'm actually quite surprised with it's sound, yeah it lacks some bass and volume, but it doesn't sound like a toy as I tought it could.

I doesn't worry me much If I don't manage to take them of, but it has a few scratches on the back. They are not so obvious, I only get on picture three of them, the others are so light I can't even show you.
I must say that the onces I¡ve pictured don't look that bad in person, they're not deep at all!

So I have 3 questions to ask you guys:
-I'm going to buy eternal shine scratch remover, because my strat has a very small chip, and I may try it out, it's a gloss finish so no problems as far as I'm concerned.
What about my yamaha's Back? I think it has some sort of finish...but I'm not sure... Will it work? Will I damage the wood or the finish on my acoustic?
-Any other solutions I should consider??

Thank you all!
Hi, I wouls buff it with light scratch remover and then wax. Finish on it is Poly urethane and
it will not affect it. Do it lightly with a soft cloth. Good luck and regards.
I've used Maguires scratch-x before. It's designed for cars but it works on a guitar finish too. Don't expect miracles. It's not gonna remove deep scratches but it will help on surface scratches and bring out a nice shine. There's also kits you can get at any music store for the same purpose. Like Norman said, make sure you use a SOFT cloth, like a buffing cloth, nothing that could be abrasive. The automotive section at Wal-mart carries many types of scratch remover and soft buffing cloths.
I can only wish I only had a couple of scratches on any of my guitars. I have belt buckle scratches on my strat older than most of the guys on here. Hell I have picks older than most of you...No I'm serious, I have picks I bought in 1980.

I don't worry about scratches, front or back, If it's not scratched, it hasn't been played a lot. Mine get new ones now and then, I try to avoid it but it can't be stopped. One fell off a bench while putting it up, nicks in the finish in 3 or 4 places. Belt buckle war wounds all over the backs of them all. Dings and other marks all over every guitar I've ever owned, I don't worry about it any more.

Don't worry about a few scratches, mine have been dropped, bumped into walls and amps, and other musicians instruments, fell off benches, beat against belt buckles, you name it. The only time I got pissed was when some bozo insisted on playing my acoustic in Austin, got careless putting it on and dropped it face down o the sidewalk, and several support struts inside broke loose so it buzzed all night, I had to glue them back in and was out of work for 3 days while I fixed and tested everything, I was playing for a living. I've never let anyone else touch my guitars at a gig since then.

Other than that, I don't worry about scratches any more, it's going to happen, especially if you play gigs. I consider it character these days.
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I would leave well alone. The guitar isn't a collector's piece, and it is just showing fair wear and tear.

You could polish them, but that would still show, you could try sanding them out, but that might cut through the (catalysed poly) finish. If I really wanted to repair them I would fill with CA glue, scrape them flat, lightly sand (1000 and 2000 wet and dry, wet, on a hard block) and then polish.
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Looks like they're light enough you might be able to buff them away with liquid ebony or FinesseIt..