What did you guys think of the new Symphony X album, Underworld. I just listened to it the whole way through and I have a few thoughts. Like pretty much all modern metal it sounds very very produced, like nothing was recorded live, hell, even all the solos sounded planned out in advance. I'm not digging the production sound of most metal albums these days, it just sounds robotic to me, especially the drums, because it sounds so perfect. Also, everything now has that click track perfect quality rhythm to it. Anyways, I thought the songs were great but nothing really stood out to me in particular. I'm a big fan of Michael Romeo and Symphony X's early work, especially the first album, Odessy, Damnation game, and V. I don't like the album art cover for the CD either. For me, I liked V the best. This album was good but nothing to write home to mom about. What are you're guys' thoughts? Am I wrong?