Hi! Thank you for the feedback and compliments on my piece.

What I really admire about this recording is its clarity. You've managed to pocket the synths in such a way that they're not invasive of the primary guitar, bass and drum trio, while still remaining clear and complementary to the compositional whole in an auxiliary instrument role.

It goes without saying that your guitar playing is fantastic, too. Your phrasing as a whole is sophisticated, in that there's a recurring use of simply motivic fragments to construct long-scale, highly musical phrases.

Looking forward to hearing more from you.
I haven't listened to any of your stuff before so I was curious as to where the synths were going at first and then the guitar came in, very first thing i thought was this is fucking bad ass. The intro reminds me a mix between the Who and Rammstein, if that makes any sense? haha, I'm thinking who are you?. This is a real cool piece, I feel like this is combining industrial metal, prog, and perhaps some edm? I see edm just in the way it is structured. I also really like the piano outro. Keep it up.