At my Church building, we use powered wall ports for our drum monitor. We have enough (or I presume enough) impedance in the way to have the wattage greatly reduced for headphones. We have it chained from the wall to a monitor at 136 ohms, and the two sets of headphones are 170 and 200? ohms. From that 136 ohm monitor is the cable sent to one of the headphones.

The wall port is in mono, so just ts. The headphones operate in stereo, so trs. Generally only one side of the headphones work because of that reason. So I made a small box which is just two trs jacks with some wiring. One side is the speaker cable chained from the other monitor, and the jack is just like normal, tip and sleeve wired to the other jack. The other jack has the tip wired like normal, but the tip and ring of the jack are bridged together, making it dual mono, or bridged stereo, bridged mono, or something of the sort. And we have to use a small 1/4 trs to 1/8 trs converter in the headphone side as well.

And it worked for a short time, then the 170 ohm pair (a Schoolmate brand) headphones stopped working in one side again. Another pair, Vic Firth SIH1 have started to give out, and switches between both sides working, one side distorted, only one side working.

So I am not sure if my box is causing the problems or not. The Schoolmate brand have always been meh, and the Vic Firths are given bad reviews on how the sides give out. But I would like any enlightenment that could be given. Thanks. c:

Edit: I did the math and the headphones were receiving around 5-10 watts and both wanted signal in the mW range. I guess I should make sure that something will work rather than presuming. I still do not understand how the headphones worked for so long before, though.
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