This one is for any of the live audio/sound engineers...
I am so incredibly frustrated. I am trying to set up an in ear monitoring system that would allow me to pan my signals. I have a carvin in ear system (http://www.carvinaudio.com/products/em900-960-channel-wireless-in-ear-personal-monitor-system)

I have two signals, one coming from my axe fx, and a backtrack coming from my audio interface. I would like to set up my mix so I am panned to one side of the mix and my backtrack is panned to the other. What I am so confused about is how to do this. I plug my axe fx output into the left side input of my in ear system and my backing track into my right side, the signals get blended together and are completely centered, despite one being plugged into the left side and one being plugged into the right side. I would use the panning control on the body pack but that's useless because it just takes the two signals and moves both of them to the right side (so the left side then just becomes quieter) or vice versa.

I've also tried using a Jamhub, (essentially a mixer) where I would run a signal from my axe fx into one channel and my backing track into another channel. Then I would use the jamhub's panning controls to pan the signals hard left and right. Then I would use the jamhub's stereo/headphone output using a trs to split dual 1/4 left right cable into the in ear system and my signal still isn't split. Both signals are centered and not panned at all, despite me using the panning controls on the Jamhub.

Is it just not possible to pan in ear mixes? Am I just being stupid and totally missing a step? Please help!
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Hi! I came across this thread by searching for a similar problem. I own a JamHub Bedroom and maybe I can help you. It is very important to know that Jam hub's panning is made to work ONLY with stereo/balanced jack cabels. You have to use one even if your signal is mono. If you run a stereo jack cable (or a mono cable with the mono to stereo converter at the end) from your Kemper's headphone output to your JamHub's input, the panning will work. I use my jamhub with two guitars, bass guitar and kick drum trigger and I can pan everything just fine.
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