Hey guys, Ive been playing for a while now and am really getting into electric guitar. How can I improve m bending? I almost always bend a tiny bit too high or too low. is there a way that I can practise controlled bending and eventually become better?

All comments appreciated guys! If you have any specific exercises that I should practise that would be great too!
Thanks guys.
It's just practice. First, get a hold on actually bending to the correct pitch. Use a metronome, start slow, pick up speed.

When I bend, use use at least two fingers on my fret hand so it's easier to bend the string. That should also make it easier to achieve the correct pitch quickly.
I find for myself a lot of it comes down to muscle memory and developing your ear. That being said, there are a couple exercises that I can explain.

The first one is just based off of note referencing. Say for instance I wanted to execute a full step bend on the fifth fret (C) of the G string. I would first play the seventh fret (D) of that string to get myself a reference sound that I am aiming for (remember for every half step of a bend, the pitch is being raised by one fret). Then I would go back to the fifth fret and attempt the bend. Then I just go back and forth between the reference and the bend make sure I am hitting the pitch.

The next trick I use is a little more involved but will give you a constant reference pitch to work with. First of I will fret the fifth fret (E) on the B string with my index and then I'll also fret the seventh fret (D) of the G string with my ring finger. Now here comes the tricky part, what you want to do is bend the note on the seventh fret (D) of the G string a full step while maintaining that constant note on the fifth fret (E) of the B string. This way when you hit the full step bend, you have matched the pitch of the fretted note on the B string. If you do this bend in slow increments you'll find it a lot easier to hit the correct pitch without going sharp.

Hopefully these two exercises help you out with your bends and you'll see some improvements. One last thing I can add is if you find that you fingers aren't strong enough yet to pull of the bends effortlessly trying using your index finger for the bends. This way you can fret the string behind the note you are bending with your index and/or middle finger and "reinforce" the bend making it easier to manage. I find this to be especially true when I am attempting larger bends of 1.5 steps or more.
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Thanks so much guys! I'll try all of these ideas out. I usually bend with 2 or three finger on the string and always go over it seems.

Thanks for the help guys
Try practice bending with tuner. Make sure you consistently hit the target note. Bending is pretty much about hearing the target note.

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