I've got a guy wanting a gretsch astro jet wiring harness and it's very simple to do ...but .. one problem, the 3rd toggle switch which from a few quick google searches looks exactly like a toggle switch on a les paul or SG , shaft width protruding from the pickguard and all.

So simple question do 2 way toggles that aren't SPST or DPDT mini toggles exist. I figure the guy wants something aesthetically similar and I'm scratching my head for the first time in a while. I don't want to hunt one down ...but at the same time maybe someone has seen them or they go by a weird name.

any point in the right directions appreciated.

the 3rd toggles a 'stand by" so sort of like a killswitch and was a 2 way in the 60s.
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yes, they do.

I find them at automotive stores. Now I'm not using them for guitars, but they do exist. The only thing is the toggle may not be the exact same

Check here www.graybar.com

Or at your local electronics store
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oddly enough i was thinking of that, i said screw it and the standby instead of it being just on and off i figured i'd use a 3 way toggle and the middle is off the other two positions are on so sort of like Zakk Wylde ,Randy Rhodes to more aggressive players using the 3 way like a killswitch on a les paul we ended up going with.