Hi, again after too long.

Gasper - Fading ft. Vanesa

So, this piece went through a lot. I actually sampled it from another song of mine, remade pretty much the whole beat and bass, made completely different arrangement.
Synths, guitars and vocals are played and natural, which I think compensates for the sampled beat...

So, I'm actually very much satisfied with the song itself, but still there are some things I want to do better next time - mastering (also a little bit of mix).

BTW, I am quite young but lucky enough to work as a producer/engineer for a music studio. Being as good as I can be is my first priority and I know there's still a lot I'd like to learn. I pretty much know the answers to what I'm asking here, but one more opinion is always good. I think this should explain everything I will write from now on.

-EQ: First I put the mix through some eq. (I was mastering bounced mix - one track). In Pro Tools I trimmed some very low end (<40Hz). Than I ran the mix through Manley (when you can, it's not really a question why ) and started to listen to what I'm doing on quite old shitty boombox (that way know which frequencies I have to be careful about for phones and laptops, but probably this I could also take care of this when already mixing). It's always a compromise of course, so later I made it sound the best I can on NS-10 and Anyway, I gained few details with the Manley and raised the high end for couple of dBs. Pretty much always what I do to my mix...
-Dynamics: I pretty much always try to do the magic with Izotope, but this time I felt more like experimenting. I ran each channel (L, R) through UA LA-6176 (I know phase problems can happen with this, but I was very careful and tried to keep it under control. I probably love this compressor too much...). I also ran some tests after and the phase caused is almost non-existing.
-Maximizer, limiter: As always crushed some dynamics in the end hehe. It's still pretty quiet master though, or what do you think?

What I'm not sure about is if there's still too much of low end or if mix is maybe to full of mids... That's what bothers me the most.
I overall like everything, I gave my best and song is already released and played by some radio stations, so it's not like I have a big problem, it's just those little details that I'd like to improve.

If you have any comments on the song, thoughts or approaches you think could help me a bit here I'd really like to hear them.

Have a nice day,
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