i've been playing guitar for years but strumming has always been a bottleneck for me. i've always gotten around it by sticking to fingerpick style and more tabulature-focused songs (if that makes sense).

i guess that means i'm more comfortable with melodies than rhythms? i honestly have no idea why i struggle so much with strumming. i know a lot of songs with really fun/interesting chord progressions and its a shame that my strums don't do the progressions any justice. it's just not right!

i read through the stickies but i'm wondering if you have any specific tips or resources to help develop a sense of strumming know-how. i am looking for resources on my own too but i figured i may as well ask the community. surely you guys figured out this basic concept! so how did you do it?
If you've not done already, 0.38mm picks, (e.g. Jim Dunlop) can really help with strumming. Strumming with fingers alone or a pick that's too thick, especially on acoustics (though also on electrics), can be very difficult. A 0.38mm pick makes this a lot easier.

Good luck!
ohhh i didnt think of using a thin pick. every time i ask to borrow one from a friend its always been about 0.71 and i never liked it for strumming.. okay cool idk why i never tried a different pick but thank you! i will certainly do that
I prefer my fingers for strumming, or my index finger to be exact. I'm not sure how orthodox that is actually, but have you tried it?
The world doesn't need another thin pick strumming guitarist - they sound terrible and flappy and are a crutch.

If you primarily play fingerstyle, learn to strum with your fingers - there are tons of guitarists who do that.