Hello everyone,

I have a BC Rich beast custom that I built a long time ago


I'm almost positive I got carpal tunnel from playing it because of having to play in the almost classical guitar type position. My wrist still cracks when I move it. Strats don't hurt at all though. I've been thinking of working on this guitar again to get it back in playing condition; my question is has any one else had wrist issues because of the hand position of playing one of the battle axe looking guitars? Because if it is going to kill my wrist again I should probably just keep it on the wall as a decoration rather than playing it again.
I've found just the opposite; V-shaped guitars force me to play in the classical position while sitting down, and that is the most ergonomically friendly way to play. I get pain/shoulder cramping when I try to play a guitar (while sitting down) in the "normal" position.

Thankfully, I have always played 95% of the time standing up where it is not an issue. If that guitar is an issue for you, I'd suggest playing while standing up.
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