Would you ever consider taking online lessons via skype? Say your a beginner player, looking to learn but you don't have travel to lessons and no mobile teachers in your area, would you consider lessons online?
I did a couple months back. I had technique down but I got some music theory lessons from a good well known guitar player and made some amazing progress. I did them through skype. He was located in Germany and I lived Las Vegas.
My current progress.

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I just had my first Skype guitar lesson this past week. I had concerns about how it would work, and how effective it would be. However after this lesson those concerns have diminished. My instructor was really listening to what I was playing and was able to offer correct a direct feedback to make adjustment. The instruction was everything I could have asked for.
I don't I think would ever teach begginers online. It's much easier to correct incorrect hand positioning and posture when I'm actually there with the student. But if you've already got the basics down, I don't see why not.