hey guys,
I've been playing guitar for about 4 years now (accoustic and electric) and back in the day a bought a 'guitar starter set' you know how it goes. Till this day I still play the Hudson strat it came with and the Line 6 Spider IV 15. I acctually realy like the tones i get from my line 6, as well as the endless posibilities i get with al the built in effects. Now i want to upgrade my gear to a better amp and possibly a better guitar. The thing i'm afraid about is will for example a Blackstar HT5 combo be able to put out a metal tone equal to my line 6 but without any pedals? the line 6 has that 'metal'and 'insane' preset that i really like.

People with experience or other amp suggestions are always welcome

(please don't mind the spelling mistakes :p)

Rock on \m/
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Anything is better than a Line 6 Spider IV 15w. Sorry, but the "metal" presets on it are simply awful.

Is the Blackstar HT5 combo your only option? What's your budget?

Anyway, the Blackstar HT5 will be a HUGE improvement from your Line 6 Spider IV.

Btw, next time you have questions about amps, pedals, and all that kind of gear, you would be better off posting in the Guitar Gear and Accessories forum, you'll get more help there for this kind of stuff: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=33
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Mate, I have the line 6 spider 75, DON"T GET IT. I just got the blackstar HT5 metal head with a 4 by 8 cab yesterday, and honestly, it sounded amazing in the shop. It does a MUCH better job at metal tones than the line 6, and I would rather have my own, one good tone, than loads of mediocre ones.

I only have the chorus pedal and cables today though as no one could deliver it to me on saturday as I don't , they are delivering after shop closing tomorrow .
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also this is probably ultra dumb-what do I use the effects loop for? Do I plug the chorus pedal straight in the front-or the Effects loop?