Hi everyone,
I'm the co-founder of the music blog The Somber Lane, an amateur blog devoted to promote emergent and underground music from all around the world. We try to cover the broadest arrange of styles we can, everything's accepted.

We usually deal with reviews, interviews, news and all kinds of music-related extra columns (music discussion, music business pills, etc.).

After about a year of work, we would like to step up our activity and expand the blog, so to bring greater support to artists we will be hosting we first need support ourselves. Having all the work on two people is hard!
That’s why we are officially looking for external contributors.
So who are we looking for?

What we expect from a contributor is the following:
• Good English skills and quick translation capabilities, if not mother tongue (we won’t accept non English speaking contributors leaving translations on us)
• The availability of a minimum amount of time reserved to keep communications, the blog’s internal management will still lie on us
• Managing mail communications and clouds such as Google Drive
• A great passion for the broadest musical styles as possible, so to form a solid and motivated personal opinion in reviews. If you’re a musician, that’s clearly a plus.
• The capability to stay updated with music news, find and evaluate new material to be published and be written about. Again, remember it’s not all about interviews and reviews.
• Enough creativity and imagination to write entertaining articles! (Possibly better than those we write ourselves haha)
• Above all, a general sense of commitment and accountability! It’s a blog but also a very small business after all, and we need to keep a sense of professionality.

We can’t bring you any remuneration, for the time being at least, but you’ll have access to tons of new music and get to know tons of people.
If you’d like the experience and can prove enough commitment to it, we invite you to reach us at our email providing a sample review written by yourself. Hit us up first and we’ll provide a template.

Additional information by email (which you'll find in our website, "contact us" section).

You can reach us on
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Facebook http://on.fb.me/1N9oorM
Twitter ****************1g1k2WJ
Tumblr The Somber Lane Blog
YouTube ****************1OkLjz4
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Thanks for your attention!