hey guys,
I've been playing guitar for about 4 years now (accoustic and electric) and back in the day a bought a 'guitar starter set' you know how it goes. Till this day I still play the Hudson strat it came with and the Line 6 Spider IV 15. I acctually realy like the tones i get from my line 6, as well as the endless posibilities i get with al the built in effects. Now i want to upgrade my gear to a better amp and possibly a better guitar. The thing i'm afraid about is will for example a Blackstar HT5 combo be able to put out a metal tone equal to my line 6 but without any pedals? the line 6 has that 'metal'and 'insane' preset that i really like.

People with experience or other amp suggestions are always welcome

(please don't mind the spelling mistakes :p)

Rock on \m/
For high-gain sounds, try the Jet City 2212 combo. Same price as the HT5, but more power in case you ever want to jam with a drummer, go on stage, etc.. It sounds lovely, too.
You might need an overdrive pedal to get crazy levels of distortion, depending on what you're into, but that's something you can figure out with time. Same deal with the HT5 btw.

I've only tried the HT5 version with the 10" speaker and I thought it lacked some punch in the lows, maybe the 12" version is better.

Also, take your time trying out some amps, as most won't sound that much like your Spider. You'll likely need some time to get used to sounds that aren't like your current setup, since you are so used to it.
Not to shit on your tastes, but a 15w Spider on "Insane" or "Metal" sounds like a buzzsaw, which is something manufacturers try very much to avoid with higher-end gear.
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^ I 2nd this.

I haven't played the 212, but I own the 50H, and it's a pretty damn solid amp for the price. I've heard the 212 has slightly less gain on tap, but like I said, I haven't tried one myself.

I use a digitech bad monkey OD in front of it for my leads, or heavier bits.

And if you actually like that line 6, you'll be blown outta the water when you plug into the Jet City.... or pretty much any other sensible tube amp for that matter.
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