Hey guys I'm torn between the Avid and the Line 6. Basically I need one for apartment recording. In terms of how they sound which one is better? Disregard the protools thing on the Avid. I like to be able to get a sick modern metal tone, I know the line 6 can do it, but can the Avid? The Demos I've heard were sort of thin compared to the line 6. Thanks guys
The 11R does pretty well, actually.
It seems to be a dead product at this point, largely unsupported and unlikely to have a successor. But it works and works well, and the ProTools thing *is* a thing worth considering.

Re: the Pod...Unless you really need a rackmount, I'd suggest looking at the Pod HD "bean" version. The electronics are the same, recording capabilities pretty much the same. There are only a couple of features on the rack versions that aren't on the bean, but there's a big gap in pricing.
Depends on what kind of sound you want.

If you want instant djentmachine, POD.

If you want a more "real amp" feel, 11r.

Both are great units, but each has its own individual tone tbh.

That said, the POD does have superior effects routing, though I like the tone of the 11R better.
I wish they had kept up with the 11R, I also thought it sounded awesome, much more authentic to the original sound and feel of the models than the POD (not that the POD is bad, it's also quite good). The 11R was very intuitive for me compared to the POD as well, though that could be because it was more limited in how much editing you could do on the unit itself.

As Dspellman said though, there's not a lot to indicate that Avid will do any more with it.
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Neither, go with BIAS FX as a vst.

While BIAS sounds pretty good (I have it) I don't think it compares to the 11R in terms of sound and the POD is a gig ready tool. You can gig with BIAS but it requires some additional equipment that might not make it any more economical than the POD. Of course, it is an option and will suit TS just fine for what he needs.
I'm just a kickin' and a gougin' in the mud and the blood and the beer.
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