here's a new song I came up with, kinda short but couldn't really think of more to add. Let me know what you guys think, all mixed by me as well. Hope you enjoy! feedback is appreciated and if you got something cool to check out feel free to leave the link!

Link to the song
Hey man, always a pleasure to see a new one from you on here! As always the playing is excellent and there are some huge riffs! I particularly like the tremolo picked riffs from around 0:20 onwards. The solo is well composed and executed. Nice job. My only minor gripe is that the drums sound a little thin in places. The programming is great but I thought the snare lacked a bit of bite- not your fault of course, just the programme you are using.

C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1691060
cool one @richo I checked your song and left a comment as well! thanks for the feed back
"Anxiety" begins with a taste of calmness and then breaks into a fidgety and panicked vibe. That's very cool, it _feels_ like an anxious episode. I'm not sure if I heard a bass track here until about 0:50. The rhythm guitar sections arae played pretty tightly. There's a nice balance of velocity and technicality in your lead playing. I dig your vibrato technique using the index finger. I can't ever seem to get enough leverage to pull that off very well :P.

Here are some sections of the track which caught my attention:

0:35 The blastbeats here created a nice build-up to transition into the next section.
0:52 Very articulate phrasing here.
1:20 Awesome lead playing here. The speed picked section looked effortless.
2:17 I felt this riff was A LITTLE generic compared to the other sections of the track.

Could you please check out my track "Depatterning" at https://soundcloud.com/andresjam/andres-depatterning ?

All-in-all, you've got a well-produced, sophisticated song on your hands. I particularly enjoyed the juxtaposition of musical ideas featured throughout; from the brooding half-time intro to a manic Akphaezya-meets-Protest The Hero-esque riff; and metal polka and trem mayhem to a groovy, stadium rock chord progression.
Your main lead was well-phrased throughout, and your steady weave into a major chord at around 1:35 was masterful in its execution. Really nice stuff.

After the onslaught of riffs and frequent changes, it was nice to hear you slip into free time at the ~2:10 mark.

In terms of production, I haven't any criticisms, just as I don't necessarily regarding the composition. My only observation I feel might be of value to you is that during the chord break at :48, there's some room for the bass to move around, if only slightly and occasionally to incorporate some melodic contour in an otherwise harmonically static section. This is a multifunctional approach, as it would open the section up a bit and allow some breathing room, whilst the subtle movements would allude to the upcoming solo. Moreover, upon returning to punching out root notes during the solo section, you've got a seemingly heavier backing to contrast to upper register lead.

Once again, you've got a great thing happening here. Subbed to your channel so I can check out anything new you post.

I've got a song available at the following link. It would be great if you could have a listen and offer some critique; as critical as you can would be great!


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thanks for the detailed reply man, checked and commented on yours as well, really enjoyed it!
You got a real talent for this. I love how it starts out then goes into a crazy shit storm. But for me any how my favorite part is when you hit the minor 7th on the C chord around :50. Totally hooked me I've listened to this a few times now. I also really groove the little chromatic lick at 2:10, reminded me of Freidman. I have no negatives on this, nice and heavy with smooth smooth leads. good job keep it up!

thanks man, glad your enjoyed! just left a comment on yours as well, very cool acoustic stuff.
Really good. I've had the riff at 0:50 stuck in my head for a little while. My only complaint is the drums are maybe slightly quiet in places.
Quote by LeeAlacoque
Really good. I've had the riff at 0:50 stuck in my head for a little while. My only complaint is the drums are maybe slightly quiet in places.

thanks man, drums are deff my weakest point!
I've got to say I'm not a big fan of this type of music
but your playing is perfect you got very good technique
and that line from 0:50 to 1:15 is great! very moving and I'm not easily impressed. I must have listened to it 20 times already
you should become famous for this riff It's really really good
good job

not rly your style too hehe
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