I'm having trouble following a 70bpm metronome. Fast paced metronomes I can follow, but I always end up rushing about 15 seconds into a 70bpm metronome. And if I happen to get it down, I have a part in my song where I switch the strumming pattern and it throws me off. Strums in-between the metronome go off sync, and the whole thing gets thrown off.

Honestly I'm just wanting to record vocals. So I would pay to have a professional lay down an acoustic track. Where can I get this done? I'd send a rough recording of what it should sound like, and the chords
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Contact local studios, post local craigslist ads to find guitarist then take to studio.

Rather do it online if possible, so I don't have to go anywhere. Just pay someone maybe even possibly on here with a nice setup
I could help you out, send me a rough copy of what you want done.
A few hours of practice and punching-in will get you there. No reason to pay someone to do something you're so close to being able to pull off on your own!
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