what kind of comments are you looking for? It's difficult to tell how his progress is going since we haven't been following his schedule.

When you look at that video, what do you think he still needs to work on?
no worries, flexiblemile.

Honestly, I know what he needs to work on, and I know the recording quality sucks. I didn't mic it or mix it.

I just was proud of him, getting his views up helps his confidence.

As long as no one is a dick with comments, the more views he has in his mind is the more people liked it
awesome mate, how long have you been teaching him? wish my dad was as hands on when i was learning oh so many years ago, he just threw a load of Hendrix records at me and some tabs and left me to it haha

I'm teaching my 7yo the uke.

How do you keep your boy motivated,

sweets, prizes, being firm?
Thanks guys,

Actually it started with me feeling like i was giving my boy more attention when he was 5 and sister was 8. So i started teaching my daughter when she was 8 to spend more time with her and brother's trying to catch up. So it's a bit of competitiveness.

He see all the positive feedback she gets and it drives him

Plus my brother is a graphic artist and i had him whip up those youtube intros.

It's still a challenge. I mean they're 8 and 11 now and they're just kids with sports and other activities. So i have to keep that in perspective. Honestly I also use a private teacher with them too, but i practice their lessons with them every night. This is key.

They tend to want to back down from Dad, so having someone else hold them accountable helps.

They both get allowances too. But not for one job. If they did what they were supposed to do the week with good attitudes, they get their money.

Here's my daughters channel-


Thanks again for the positive feedback
Man she's great, F barre before 12, good work.

I find little is more, 5min a day, if she doesn't want to do it then that's fine.

Aslo I make her illustrated chord and lyric sheets for the songs she's working on,
"Adventure Time" "Slenderman" for instance, make it as fun as possible.

And of course praise, praise, PRAISE!

Getting them to work off each other competitively is ingenious, my son is only 1 so too early yet.

But you have inspired me SIR!