i found this today something i wrote ages ago that i forgot all about i think there are some ok idea's in here, any feedback would be good

Im standing on the edge of the world
Waiting on your words to unfurl
Speak to me and I will listen to you
To be happy it only takes two
These eyes they can see right through your lie
Just because your honest you won’t get a prize

I’ve dug this hole too many times
Since when was being loved such a crime
A million miles away its far enough
Im only saying that to call your bluff
The things you say wont be remembered today
To make things awkward you went out your way

Im sitting here on a rainy afternoon
Waiting for the sight of the moon
Don’t make me say it all again
Like a rail without a train
Coming up round the bend
Coming towards a very bitter end

I think everything ive said will have to change
Your picture though it has some range
Trying to look into your vision
Ive made my final decision
Its not a trick its an illusion
I can only come to one conclusion

Your hammer its coming through the wall
Telling your love story to us all
Your emotions are just like a child’s doll
I got away from you and it was a close call
Your only setting yourself up for fall
No matter how long you try to stall
I look forward to the day you have to crawl