I've been looking at programmable loopers lately to try and get rid of the tap dancing every time I want to change sounds and to integrate all of my gear into a single permanent rig.
Basically, what I need it to do is;
- Switch between 6 different pedals (plus a tuner) in various combinations, with two effects in front of the amp and four in the loop.
- Control pedals via midi (tap tempo and presets on a Flashback X4 and presets on a Source Audio EQ) on a per preset basis. e.g. I can hit preset 1 on the looper and it'll turn on loops 2, 3 and 5 and put my Flashback on preset A and the EQ on preset 2, then I can hit preset 2 on the looper and it'll activate loops 1, 3, 4, 5 and 6, switch Flashback to preset B and Eq to preset 4.
- Control my amp (Egnater Tweaker 88, four button footswitch, two 6.5mm TRS jacks), also on a per preset basis.

So basically I need a looper with at least 6 loops (I would like a little room to expand if I can), ability to control MIDI devices and at least 4 latching relay outs.

I've already found the Musicom Lab EFX MkIV that does everything I need, but other options would be cool if they exist, possibly cheaper?

So, waddaya got UG?
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