Hi Guys, Anyone know anything about a Tanglewood TW 400 , made in Korea , so the insert says, as I had it given to me some time ago, not sure of the date when it was made. It looks to me like it has a Spruce top with Mahogany back ,sides and neck. When I had it first it was kitted out with steel strings, I changed these to nylon ( a bit easier on the old fingers) sounds much better in my opinion. Just wondering about the approx value? Anyone got ideas on that?. Its in very nice condition and stops in tune quite well.
Tanglewood has a wide range of quality (and price), you can get a cheap one or an expensive one. I'm not familiar with a TW400 though they have a few TW40 models. What's the complete model #? Orchestra, folk or dreadnought? What style bridge and tuner pegs does it have?
Made in Korea doesn't mean it's faulty in any way, lots of guitars are licensed by top companies and the product is held to exacting quality standards. A Korean guitar is a different matter!
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Hi Skido13, thanks for the info, sorry I should have said, its a dreadnought with a dark wood glued bridge fitted with a Tusq saddle and bridge pins.. The tuners are pretty standard rear mounted, Hope this gives you a better picture.