Tuning is a half-step down. These chords aren't exact but they're close:
Verse chords
   C7    G     Am7   F     C

Chorus chords
  C7   Cm    G     E     Bm    Em

C7          G
I have been sleeping
C7     G
In my car
C7         G
I've been sending my songs on the
Am7                 F         C
Winds down south to where you are
C7          G
I have been drinking
C7           G
For the last few hours
C7                  G
I've been wondering if it's my songs
You're singing when you wake up,
            F               C
When you're getting in your shower

      C7             Cm
Cos I know you got a boyfriend
      G                  E
But I think you could be leavin' him
  C7              Cm
I don't know much about him
         G                     E
Just the fact that you've been seeing him
   C7                Cm
So tell me, darling, if it's real
       G        Bm     Em
Then I won't be such a tease
If you tell me
Cm               G     Am7
When could we be "we"?
Oh, tell me
Cm               G
When could we be "we"