In case you are thinking about purchasing one of these microphones, I have prepared a short video that will allow you to compare the sound that is picked up by two condenser, cardioid microphones (audio technica pro37 and AKG C214).


You can make your own opinion. Here is what I notice:
- The AKG is significantly more sensitive (almost 15db less in input gain to get the same level)
- The AKG picks up a wider frequency range, with a lot more bass and a little bit more high end
- As a result, I would say that the pro37 would probably be easier to use when you want to mix an acoustic guitar in a full arrangement (bass, drums, electric guitar etc.) while the C214 would allow more details for a solo instrument or vocals. The AKG also sounds warmer.
I love the C214 though I don't own one. I borrow one occasionally from a friend. I'm not sure comparing a $400 AKG C214 to $169 Audio Technica (on line prices) is a valid comparison but I enjoyed your video. Nice sound on your Martin.
Yes I am guitarded also, nice to meet you.
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Indeed, I had not mentionned that the two mics do not belong to the same price range. The goal of the comparison is to allow someone who has a "cheap" mic to be able to assess if investing in a more expensive, mid-range mic is worth it or if the money gap is too big to make the change.