So I made a post a few weeks back about an amp problem. I got the advice to get new power tubes. I bought a pair of Apex Matched JJ power tubes from amplified parts. I haven't put them in yet because I was wondering if I should replace my other tubes at the same time? or just replace them as needed?

Also, why are all tubes made overseas? Is it a labor intensive process that would make them really expensive to produce in the US? Not that it really bothers me... Just curious.
If you only have a pair/two of power tubes in the amp, you can just replace those and bias them (if you need to) and you will be golden. You do not have to replace preamp tubes when replacing power tubes.

If you have 4 power tubes, then you need to replace the other 2 as well unless the tubes you are putting in are matched to the 2 already in.
Thanks Will Lane

Let me Clarify. I have a peavey valveking 112. It's the older version that I bought NEW right as the newer version of the valvekings came out. I have 2 power tubes and 3 preamps. The amp is about 3 years old. It was made in March 2013 and I bought it in July 2013. When I bought it within a few months I changed the speaker and the preamp and clean channel tubes. I left the original ruby tube in the distortion channel. So my power tubes just shit the bed and was curious if my other tubes were going to be dying soon or if they should be good? How will I know if the preamps are bad?

*edit* I don't mean to sound dumb.... But this is my first tube amp and I just want to make sure I'm maintaining it properly to get the best sound out of it. I'm just learning the ropes. It's a lot different than the plug and play and never think about SS amps
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You don't have to change preamps when changing power tubes. But if it's in your budget I would get some preamp tubes as spares. When my preamp tubes have gone bad they usually start popping/hissing and or get microphonic. Changing tube brands/type can really have an effect on the tone of an amp. I have tried a lot of the current production preamps. Jjs, tungsols, ruby or sovtek, shuguang or groove tubes 12ax7c. I really like the tungsols and shuguang 12ax7s which are best bang for the buck tube imo. Putting a nos USA 12ax7 in my deluxe reverb stomped every current production tube I've ever tried and I will buy more before they get even more ridiculously priced. Putting a shuguang 12ax7 in my blackstar ht1r sounded much better than same nos USA 12ax7 from the deluxe. Tungsol reissues sounded very nice in a hot rod deluxe I used to have. Only way to find out what sounds best in your amp and for your sound is to try different tubes.
It couldn't hurt to replace the phase inverter but probably not necessary. It tends to be "change it with every second set of power tubes."
The other preamp tubes should last twice that pretty much, give or take.
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Tubes are too expensive to produce in the US because of safety regulations and licensing. There are all kinds of hazardous materials involved. Or so I heard... I think Dan Boul from 65amps said something about it in one of his videos.
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I wouldn't change any preamp tubes until you install your new power tubes. Also your amp is fixed biased so all you have to do is take out the old and put in the new and you should be good to go.
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