Hey all

Been having some difficulty with the bridge of an old 1970s Ibanez I recently purchased. Need to remove it but its rusted in proper (think the rust goes deep).

Has anyone here got any experience with penetration oil and using it to remove rusted guitar parts?

Been doing a lot of reading and it seems like this may do the trick. It's pretty much my only solution besides replacing the entire bridge unit (really hard to find an old replacement). If I can get it off, finding replacement bolts is easy, already have some that may work. Just want to rescue the bridge.

And forcing it as it is will cause the bolt to strip and/or break.

Acetone is a solvent and not a penetrating oil.

Do NOT use acetone or any other solvent on your guitar's bridge and *definitely* don't get it on your guitar.

WD40 might do the trick. Break-Free (gunshops, and it's now called Break Free CLP) might work as well.

Put it on, let it work in. Be patient.

It's worth asking (face-to-face or on the phone) someone like Gary Brawer in San Francisco if you need backup. Pick up the phone before you damage that guitar.

Break Free is a first choice for me when it comes to preventing corrosion; once you get everything replaced, lube up everything metal (and especially screw threads) with that stuff. It's used to prevent corrosion on carry guns and on guns that are subjected to weather on hunts. It's also amazing for sticky locks of any kind. I use carnauba paste wax to protect everything else on the guitar (this includes finishes and especially gold-plated metal).
Okay excellent. Q20 doesn't seem to work. Acetone and ATF is a homebrew mix, apparently able open up any rusted bolts and nuts.

I'll first try find some Break Free. Hopefully can get it in order again. Cleaning it won't be a problem, just getting it off without breaking the bridge itself.

How long do you generally wait after application?

I have used Rem-oil and it works good. probably similar to the break free since it is designed for guns.
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Acetone/ATF is the ticket for rusty fasteners in many instances, but I'd never try it on a guitar. WD40 isn't really much of a lubricant, and is pretty much crap at this sort of thing. Break-Free is good, as is Kroil. Rem-Oil is a good lubricant, but is not designed as a penetrating oil.

Whatever you use, put some in a small container and apply it with a q-tip, your finish will thank you later.
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i used liquid wrench. it worked on my 82' AR100 with the same problem. yours is far worse though. your elevation studs and nut are goners though so you may end up drilling them and using an ez-out.

let the liquid wrench sit overnight before going to work. you may have to do this more then once.

are your tetnus shots up to date?
Rusted hardware, my favorite! Here is how I freed up the rusted bridge on my 55 LP that had been stored in a garage in Long Beach for 40 years.

1. Remove the strings, blue tape the finish all around the bridge to protect it. I also blue taped the bridge itself.

2. Carefully apply liquid wrench to the threads, let soak for several hours, tap on the bolts, re-apply LW, let soak, tap on the bolts, re-apply.

3. After 3 applications and about 10 hours I found a screwdriver that fit snugly into the slot, tapped pretty hard with a hammer onto the screw, and gently turned it clockwise at first to break free. Once it started moving I turned counter-clockwise and removed the bolt without damage.

Patience, lots of lube, and tapping to break up rusted threads worked. Then it was time to clean up all the rusted hardware.
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Patience, lots of lube, and tapping to break up rusted threads. Then it was time to clean up.

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