I'm in the process of making a combo 2x10" amp build, using a m15mk1 from the madamp website it is a British sounding 15w valve amp, using 18mm mdf. Glued the box with help from my neighbour who's a genius with anything like this! He let me used all his tools and knowledge for a pouch of tobacco!

Made the box, with a shelf for the amplifier, it looks as if it's going to be a bit of a squeeze for the amplifier in the top! I emailed the company asking for the sizes of the amp enclosure including the tx and valves on top which is way bigger than I expected 170mm my gap is around 100mm so I will need to adjust the top of my amp which had annoyed me!

The amp should be coming this week so I can start soldering, cannot wait! I mounted the speakers and wired them up, 1 speaker to a jack plug at 8ohms and wired both in series for 16ohm, the amplifier only has these inputs, sounded awfully tinny just through one speaker! But through both I tested it with my blackstar club 50 head and they sounded amazing, I bought the celestion speakers from eBay they're from sometime in the 70s made in England printed into them.

Hopefully going to wrap the front panel in speaker foam and the rest of the enclosure in some snake skin fake leather I got from the market £3 a meter! I originally wanted green leather but this was £12 per meter so ill go with the glam rock look haha. Will update once the amps here and getting soldered up!

Heres some photos

very nice so far
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i find this so interesting!
i have no idea what goes into these things, even after reading up on the process. once you go into the electronic component my mind just stops working
The amp kit is still not shipped, getting annoyed now! Can't get over how good the speakers sound though it's a step by step guide it should be easy hopefully haha!
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Just out of curiosity, why a 2x10 and not a 2x12?
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Fancied something a bit different... Nah didn't measure up right when I had the wood cut haha, I've not glued the front, so if worst comes to worst I could maybe fit 2x12s at a push.

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