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14 33%
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19 44%
Don't use a mouse
6 14%
Voters: 43.
i rest my knuckles on the mouse but my palm hovers. if my mouse pad didn't have the little gel thing, maybe this would be a different story.

i also spend like 8 hours a day with my hand on my mouse, so i consider myself an authority on the subject.
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palm cos my mouse is tiny so any choice would be palm
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palm, because im normal
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Fingertip is how normal humans hold a mouse. The only people I see using palm are old people. And claw is just fucked.

It depends on size of the mouse. I have a big ergonomic one where its a mix of palm and fingertip, with the bottom part of my palm touching the mouse pad, and yes the claw is fucked.
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fingertip is really the only way to use a mac mouse
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It's a mix between Palm and Fingertip

i switch depending on what i'm doing
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Fingertip is the only way if you're using it as a precision instrument and not a lazy remote control.

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Fingertip is the only way if you're using it as a precision instrument and not a lazy remote control.

very, very true
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no girl, movember isnt for you. shave your stache pls

I can out-bore you any day
Usually by its tail... As I flick it off the mouse trap into the bin...
Claw grip gets blood on your fingers
Palm grip if I'm feeling horny...
Finger tip if its a rat...
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I hate when my hand gets really hot so I like to have as little contact with it as possible

Claw all the way.

I use a CM Recon.

It's a little chunky for claw but I love all the extra buttons. 2 on each side needs to be more common. Also tried the Xornet. I actually didn't like it. The little flab (pinky rest) on the right side was just.. ugh. A waste of space where there should be buttons. It was serviceable but for the 'best claw grip' mouse I really didn't like it
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Depending on the mouse itself, it could either be palm or fingertip. I've got big hands so it's up to the mouse's size.

Although I don't use one all that often. Mostly my laptop's touchpad.
I voted fingertip because that's what it looks the most like, but it's like in between fingertip and claw. The heel of my hand rests on the mouse pad but lifts when moving, the majority of my palm is touching (not resting on) the back of the mouse, and my fingers are curved so that only the tips of my fingers are touching.

I think when I'm playing video games that require lots of mouse movement, like fps games, I might change to a little more like the claw grip because I can't rest my hand on the mouse pad, but without that crazy arch of the fingers.

Anyone ever tried using their ring finger for the right-click button? It seems like it would be awesome and free up the middle finger for controlling the scroll wheel, but it just feels awkward and clumsy.
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my hands are too big for palm and using claw looks like it'll give you RSI or something.

I use finger tip but the top of my palm rests on the back of my mouse because I'm used to using side buttons at home and my thumb doesn't quite have full control over them if my palm is not touching the mouse a little bit (like just the bit under the knuckle)

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It's a mix between Palm and Fingertip

i switch depending on what i'm doing

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Don't use claw because I don't(yet) have crippling arthritis that might force such an uncomfortable position, and not palm, because I can't actaully do that without having my fingertips hanging off the end of the buttons like a spaz.

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