I used to live in a slum apartment building on the top floor on the corner of 14th and Clarkson in Denver Colorado.
My roommate constantly played the Layla album and the first Rod Stewart album one with Maggie May, the morning sun when it hits your face really shows your age but that don't matter none that don't worry me. I suppose I should collect my books and go back to school or steal my daddy's Q and make a living out of playing pool ha ha pool shark.

I didn't care too much for that album Layla was good. So is that album Rod Stewart was on with Jeff Beck. I can't believe how miserable he sounds now doesn't he know that?.

We were on the top floor that slum apartment building and it had like about eight floors maybe 10 I don't know. I was 18 and it did not matter how many floors I had to climb out in mind sleeping on bare mattress in a dusty old room , living on canned meat. Going to the park and playing Frisbee every day.

I did not own anything. It was great. Then I came back home first week of September after blowing away a summer out there in Denver. I got a job and quit in February 1972. Then I got another job in March working at a factory that made fiberglass siding. At first they had me packing it into the cardboard boxes than loading the boxes onto a pallet and finally driving them into the warehouse with a fork lift.
You had the radio constantly going I remember hearing Steely Dan do it again or whatever the name of that song is that had the sitar . I remember killing me softly with his song.
I did real good on the forklift job so I got promoted to a working the big paint machine. I had a seizure and fell into it and got fired. I had a seizure while spraying it off with acetone at the end of the night, good thing I got fired up I will got cancer if I stayed in that job for a long time walking around in a cloud of acetone.

Then I got a job in a plastic injection molding factory making coils for relay switches for refrigerators such. We usually made this little one called a 73063 it was a smaller one. Seems like we made that one 80% of the time.
When I felt a seizure coming on I ran up to the foreman told him I had the flu and ran out of the building and tried to find a soft spot.
I managed to last a year on that job. That's what about the 54 Plymouth Savoie and took my trip around the country for the hell of it. I left on that trip in April I got back in April also I saw the movie the exorcist in Los Angeles. I remember driving by big skylight for the premiere of that's entertainment. I don't know where I was in Los Angeles somewhere. I slept on the beach that night after the exorcist.
I remember I felt an an aura so I pulled off the side of the road and crawled in the back of my car. In a little while a cop came along and wanted to know what was going on. I just told him the truth. Without hesitating without saying a word he just walked right back to his car and took off. I always remember that what a cool cop.
Then I made it back home and worked at the Clark gas station. One night Don Wooten walked in. You would know who he is. He was a person who read the news on television whatever you call that. Then he became a state senator. He wanted directions to the Ramada Inn. I said are you Don Wooten and he said yes and I said out know how to get there he walked out. I really knew how to get there I just didn't like him.
We always came up short and it wasn't me one of the other two guys I worked with.

The police report said I rolled 54 Plymouth Savoie six times in the accident. The old man pulled up by me picking up both lanes I pulled off the road keep from hitting him and felt my car started to roll over. I tucked my head down. I flew out of the car. A woman said I look like Superman flying through the air. I had the tucked my head down it would've smashed into the car roof when it back down almost to the top of the steering wheel or into the hanging down part when I flew out of the door the car door. As it was I just got the skin scraped off my shoulder where I landed. If I knew then what I know now I would've faked serious neck injury got a half $1 million a few years down the road but I didn't know.

Working at a gas station ain't too bad of a job it was back in the days when you went out of the gas in the car and check the water and oil. I didn't hate it as bad as I did those damn factory jobs.

I usually go back and correct the mistakes my word recognition makes. I got a go to bed down so if you choose to read this I hope you can decipher it.
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