After a long period of writing zilch I have managed to make... something. Idk, I never really know the best way to preface posting something. I wrote it over the course of about a week or so, maybe a bit less. It's basically in my normal sounding style if you're familiar with my shit, with influences being stuff like Cynic, Opeth, and orchestral music. Give it a listen and let me know what you think, C4C of course. Any and all comments much appreciated.

The Pitiless Void.zip
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Well it's been a long time since I've been on here, but it seems like you've maintained your unique and tasteful style. I don't really have any serious criticisms to give but I thought I should at least post to show that this sub-forum is not completely dead yet. Keep up the great composing, and hurry up and start recording them too.
shit the keys at 30-33 are so good

42-43 cool af

i still think 50-53 is a bit muddled

fuk 74 you're ripping me off with those whammy bar shits - but no seriously that part is cool

153 ayyy lmao that little DEEDLDOODEEDEEDLDEE

boss battle theme music

181 is great

i wonder if anyone else will notice the "easter egg"
I've listened to this one a couple of times, so I can't give a genuine "first-reaction." That's probably for the best, as this is definitely a piece that takes a bit of grinding to appreciate some of the cool stuff that's going on. I will say that the beginning always throws me immediately. I'm always surprised that the song is so "in-your-face" from the start, but I needed to be woken up.


By bar 3, I'm guessing sci-fi inspired. Liking the progression starting at bar 10. From bars 18-33, I was kind of expecting some sort of riff variation (like playing 5 string chords, so that you have notes on a higher register).

Bar 34 is a nice change up.

I like the section starting at bar 42. Aliens grooving.

Bar 50, nice change of instrumentation and key. Bar 54 was a bit sudden, but I could dig it.

Bar 58-65. Love this shit.

Bar 66 on is a good variation of the previous section.

Surprisingly good transition at 73, that wasn't easy. Bars 78-82 were a good transition to a previous theme.

Bars 98-109.

Bars 110-115 were a nice slow-down. Bar 116--"sike!"

I like bars 124-131.

The transition from 141-142 was a bit awkward for me.

Section starting at bar 164 makes me laugh for some reason. The beginning guitar solo was trippy as hell, and it's interesting that you chose to do a trade-off between synth keys and guitar. Malmsteen vibes by 213.

LOL @ the very end. It took me a little bit to get it.