ok so iv been wanting a Warwick 5 string for awhile now and after searching online iv found a few that are within my price range but I don't know what would fit me best

I play in a rock/metal band but I play most genres
I play fingerstyle mainly but some picking and slapping

the three within my pricerange are:

Warwick RockBass Corvette Basic Passive 5-String Electric Bass

Warwick Rockbass Streamer Standard 5-String Electric Bass Guitar

RockBass Corvette $$ 5-String Electric Bass Level 2 (used, minor scratching)

ALSO I would like to know what the strengths are of the corvette compared to the streamer, and what kind of pickup replacements are commercially available because I cant find any
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All three basses would still get you that growy warwick tone, the only real difference you'll find is really aesthetic. If you don't mind buying used, the $$ would probably be your best bet I found the pups have good low end and mid range presence in jams. You wouldn't even need to replace them they're top notch. Plus warwick is a very reliable brand they have a tough build so buying them 2nd hand is never an issue unless the previous owner rolled over it with a tank.
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ok thanks a bunch buddy
the $$ does seem like the better option sound and quality wise, and I found one in excellent used condition