In search of Bigfoot how exciting. You know what will happen, not gonna find it because it doesn't exist.
The ghost shows on television when they look for ghosts in different locations. You're going to see tape recorders magnetic resonance imaging or whatever it is lots of gizmos and kids running around in the dark. Going to see everything but a ghost. There's a reason for this. Because there ain't no ghosts.
Aliens if there's intergalactic aliens and there is ghosts then theres ghosts of alien wandering around the galaxy or on their home planet, alien ghosts.

If there is ghosts and there's Bigfoot , Bigfoot's ghosts is out in the woods there.

If theres aliens, ghosts and Bigfoot the new television show could be" in search of the alien Bigfoots ghost ."

Do you see how clever I am? Can you see da humah in dot ?dere is hamah in dot dere wot I say- ead,, like in jingo ahh dee wah-ee.
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No, no and no
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ghosts? fk no

aliens? of course, yes

bigfoot? perhaps, but he's probably dead by now.
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(Don't even ask what it means)


colorado has a lot of people that believe in bigfoot, I think

at least I see bigfoot 'believe' stickers everywhere, so I guess idk

I'm thinking of moving somewhere where there aren't fucking people with dreadlocks all over the place
Bigfoot is actually an alien.

Or was an alien, because he's dead. People sometimes see his ghost, which is why there's never any physical evidence.
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