A sign will trip me in the dark
On the ground, my hands will bruise
In the night, I make my way
to a six-by-seven room

Facing me with headlights coming,
all the could-have-beens and never-weres,
the degradations and travesties to follow,
all I can take or leave if I choose

Free at last from my own body,
released from all of nature's needs,
free of consequence and time,
when I could have done nothing more

How can this be over so soon,
with so much more I wanted to do?
Gone and never meant to be,
those fleeting possibilities

I thought it through a thousand times or more,
tried to find that missing open door,
but it was never there
It's perfectly fair:
I lost, and now the game is over

But nothing's ever over if it never had a start
No fault but my own, everything that remains undone
I always feared the ending, but it used to seem so far
Standing at the gutter's edge, can headlights put me down?

One last thing's uncertain: have we ever left the ground?
Can you let go of the loss when there's nothing to be found?
Hindsight still reminds me of everywhere I went so wrong
Standing at the end of time, can headlights put me down?