Born into danger without a warning
She searched for a way out, her final escape
She’s twisting the lid until it finally goes
with no plan for survival beyond this day

She falls down daily on forceful mercy
She wakes to the dawn as an unending chain
The day you never wanted – it's forceful mercy
The burden reclaims you

Reminded daily – it's forceful mercy
Your voice within me has faded away
and my survival is the sentence I serve,
a life spent waiting

There's no forgetting and no letting go
No ray of light to shine inside this hole
No new memory, no mercy in you
I'm caught in the wake

She falls down daily on forceful mercy
and lies in bed, screaming, in search of release
I never stopped trying and wanted to know you
but I’m forever too late

Like rain, we've fallen on forceful mercy
and cracked like thunder
Then we fall down daily
and break like egg shell, pieces astray

Forceful mercy calls us by name;
we're separated until the final day
Forceful mercy, with nowhere to go,
saved my body but sacrificed my soul