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I got my new guitar, Ltd EC401VF TSB. However, the 3 way toggle switch was almost moving horizontally rather than vertically so I managed to fix it by loosing the toggle switch screw ring and rotate the switch. it went fine but I scratched the finish around the toggle switch while unscrewing the ring

The scratch is less than 1 cm length but it is a bit deep. Can I do anything to fix it or at least make it less visible ?

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A little nail polish can work wonders. Even just a clear coat can help it shine again.
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I know when it's a new guitar you want it to stay pristine but it won't stay pristine forever if you're playing it.
instead of thinking of it as a scratch, think of it as being yours Nd it's your mojo

I don't use pick guards on my Les pauls and it gets scratched to hell from picking but it's all good. it's my scratches, makes it unique

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Don't worry, many more to come. G'tar's are made to play not just to look at IMO. My EC has buckle rash, scratches from picking, few worn areas around the knobs, gold coloring on the bridge worn down to silver, sweat marks and so on, so forth.

If you keep it prestine the whole life of the guitar thats ok too but, normal/moderate wear and tear shows character.
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I don't know about scratches but the neck has serious problems at the 17th fret.

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I don't know about scratches but the neck has serious problems at the 17th fret.

Gibson quality snafu. Good job on spotting that. Personally I think Les Pauls are naturally beautiful and don't need any photoshop.
Scratching your guitar is inevitable with use. If you didn't scratch your guitar there, you would've merely scratched it somewhere else. No big deal.
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