I have a fender mustang. Two single coil pups and I want to swap the stock pups out for new ones. I'm thinking Seymour Duncan hotrails in the bridge and cool rails for the neck. This is my first single coil swap so I'm wondering the best direction to go. I want really high gain but something warm and chill in the neck. Any help?
Lots of options out there. What kind of budget do you have? What kinds of tones do you seek? What is your favorite color?
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I'd say look at Lace Sensor.
I have SD Hot Rails, not really crazy about it. I'd say change to humbuckers or Lace Sensor single coils, even their ultra hot ones are quite low noise.
You can always change the pickguard for about $25:
Check out the Lindy Fralin Mustang pickups, they might have something in the flavor that you're after, and they are hum canceling according to their specs.
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The Hot Rails and Cool Rails (or Vintage Rails) are great choices for your Mustang! You can get super hot, thick overdrive sounds in the bridge with glassy cleans from the neck. Good pick!
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