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Difficulty isn't really a huge deal, I just meant introductory as in a good introduction to the genre
My God, it's full of stars!
?Um, NO-LE' aqui de ya?

(BTW, I'm laughing at my own bad joke)
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You could just set up YouTube to play Django stuff.... His material ranges considerably from fairly easy to very difficult.
Melodies like "Nuages" and "Limehouse Blues" are pretty straightforward , the latter only difficult because it's nomally played quite fast.
Both will give you a good feel for the genre.

Of course, it's been warned that if you play Gypsy Jazz on anything other than a vintage Selmer/Maccafieri using only downstrokes, Gypsy commandos will sneak into your house at night and snip all your strings.
Well I ain't got one of those (wife won't let me spend the money on a Gitane that I want ) but I absolutely won't be using just downstrokes

In fact I wasn't even sure about using a pick. I was recommended Minor Swing by a classical guitar playing friend of mine who has recently gotten interested in gypsy jazz
My God, it's full of stars!
You absolutely need a pick to get the Gypsy-sound and speed. Gypsy picks are usually made from bone - score one for 10-20 bucks. Move down towards the bridge and pick about 3 times harder than normal. You can go a long way in getting the right sound just from that.

Reinhardt's 'Minor Swing' is quintessential gypsy piece. Learn it and you'll have the down 'n dirty on what it means to play the style. For full effect, transcribe the solo yourself. Then learn 5 more Django pieces. And maybe 5 more. Don't Mean A Thing, Les Yeux Noir, Swing 42, Djangology are all good choices.
Don't forget the rhythm parts, either. Google 'la pompe'.

Other tips, to get a broader idea of the style:
Angelo Debarre - Maneges
Romano Trajo
John Jorgenson - Ghost Dance
the DC music school just finished uploading a TON of lessons on gypsy jazz. They're not so much introductions as master classes, but they're still really fun to watch


I'm proud to say that my old guitar teacher recorded most of them

this is my old guitar teacher's website


He has a lot of blogs, lessons and such. highly reccomended
Django is the reference point. See Stochelo Rosenburg for a more modern take.

You will absolutely need a pick for that style.
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You will absolutely need a pick for that style.

My God, it's full of stars!
Hi Dreadnought,

Some good pieces I recommend to learn when first getting into the style include 'Minor Swing,' 'Dark Eyes,' and 'All Of Me.'

I've made a free video lesson teaching the melody and chords to Dark Eyes if you're interested, you can find it at Studygypsyjazz.com

All the best and I hope you enjoy learning this fun style!


Harry (Head instructor @ Studygypsyjazz.com)