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I listened to this song all the time as a child and never realized it was about getting a boner while dancing with a ladyperson

post songs that don't sound ridiculous until you realize what the lyrics are about
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it's official, vintage x metal is the saving grace of this board and/or the antichrist

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& alaskan_ninja

*every steel panther song*

I like asian hooker and fat girl the most
edit: lyrics are funny too but thought i'd share
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Shooting your friends with a real gun is a definite faux pas.

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Professor Plum in the Studio with a new Amp

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If only I were the only one at home right now. I don't need my parents asking who Mr. Wiggles is.
every ac/dc song
But boys will be boys and girls have those eyes
that'll cut you to ribbons, sometimes
and all you can do is just wait by the moon
and bleed if it's what she says you ought to do
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Guthrie on tone:
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Turning Japanese is about your jizz face.

yeah but that song doesn't sound serious to begin with
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Forgot how much I loved this song.
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ooh look at me i'm ERIKLENSHERR and i work at fancy pants desk jobs and wear ties and ply barely legal girls with weed and booze i'm such a classy motherfucker.
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