At a rummage sale for $10 American. They wanted 25. It's a 1980s PV audition. It's very loud little amp. The sound quality is not bad at all. I've owned many 80s PV amps let's see: there was a PV heritage , renown , a little bitty practice amp the name of which escapes me.
They all had very usable sounds for all types of music especially middle-of-the-road rock. Didn't matter if they were tube or not.

Anything for money when I got the little PV I purchased at the yard sale it was completely nonfunctional though it turned on. I took it apart and sprayed the living shit out of it with potentiometer cleaner. It was filthy inside and out. Put it back together at work a little bit but there's something horribly wrong. It was the speaker he blew up the speaker playing a base through it. I put it through my 2/12 inch speaker cabinet, sounds tits

It's got pull "thick " and Pull "saturation" and of course gain .

Near the end of 80s and into the 90s they even got better yet. I had a PV bravo which sounded like a hyped up Marshall sound. And it put out these amazingly great amps which had a beautiful clean sound and a hyped up Marshall sound.

Then I got into the vintage tweed fad in their amps sounded bad. There were usable I bought one used it but holy ship that went downhill in my opinion.
Didn't cut out a cute little amp which was a clone of the blues Junior almost an exact copy I had one of those.

I'm going to go play now through my nice old PV amplifier. Sure all of distortion comes from clipping diodes I think that it sounds rich and full almost as good as a Vox AC 30 and more gain than you would ever need.
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