I recently bought a Fender Squire Showmaster/Stagemaster styled guitar. It used to have 1 volume knob, 1 tone knob, and a 5 way switch. I rewired it to have just 1 Bridge humbucker and and 1 volume knob ( i ripped out the neck pickup, middle pickup, 5 way switch, and tone knob). and i also replaced the stock pickup with a Dimarzio Evolution pickup. once i wired it and plugged it in, i found that it had more of a low end sound, almost like the tone knob was turned all the way down, and i find it harder to hit harmonics on the guitar compared to before. this is the first customization ive done. i read somewhere about using a resistor or something to make it sound like the tone was turned all the way up, but couldn't find any solid information about installing a resistor. im new to customizing guitars, and am not too sure what a resistor is exactly... is there a way to wire it so i can keep my tone knob out? or am i forced to wire it back in? please help me!
check the wiring firstly , a 500k pot would work unless this is a showmaster that has humbuckers, my friend has one with a bubinga top so i know the showmaster well. If the wiring looks solid, no shorting , cold solder joints or any obstructions some suggestions are

*try steel strings for more brightness. Fender makes steel strings that will do the trick , as do ernie ball , stay far, far away from dean markley blue steel strings they break fast. New strings in general don't hurt from time to time.

*pickup height matters big time

adding a resistor you could fix certain things but removing the tone capacitor from a harness you should have the bright at 10 sound because the capacitor holds onto the highs as you turn it down. I despised the evolution myself it's wayy too balanced for me. But i heard the harmonics on it are really good, the guys i'd put it into their guitars i'd just instantly pass them it and not even bother. I often wonder if that pickup would have sold as well if it had a boring name.

stuff about resistors to put into consideration
*resistors you'd want are 1/4 watt

*resistors are not polarized (have to be a certain way)

*the carbon ones are not heat sensitive , you can also get metal film for guitars go with whatever is cheaper or easier. Fender uses metal film 4.7k ones for a special tone knob mod called the greasebucket im very fond of; the only reason it's metal film is because they probably have enough to make a few dozen coffee tables out of

*resistors come in 1k to 12m (12,000k) , anything greater than 500k i recommend for more brightness, but its not going to be a massive change.

*how I would use resistors is the pickups switch to ground of the pot, the other way I've seen is that you solder a resistor one half to the hot of the switch and the other half to ground. I avoid using resistors myself unless they are for mods. For the sake of tone chasing if audio transformers (cuts mids) and capacitors are included there is 11 in one concept i want to try.

*tayada2009 on ebay i got many, many resistors and capacitors from.

this is a step in the right direction for proper wiring diagrams, use dimarzio color code
red - hot to the switch for example
black / white - coilsplit (solder/tape together)
green / bare - ground - solder together and to the back of a pot

for wiring , i like these diagrams more than dimarzio diagrams
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