So I needed more protection for my guitar lately as my gig back sucks and I got a new guitar.
I was wondering if adding backpack straps to a guitar hard case would be a good idea since I have a very protective hard case.

What do yous think of this? http://www.backaxe.com/
Or should I just get a more premium gig bag?
Premium bag, such as a Reunion Blues Continental or a Mono M80.
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For home storage and longer-distance travel, I prefer the hard cases, but trying to backpack a hard case is a beyotch (backaxe isn't the first to try putting shoulder straps on these).

I have a number of gig bags that work very well (the versions suggested by Vulcan are excellent). You can actually find gig bags that are far more expensive than hard cases. I ran into the bass player for Patti LaBelle a while back, and he had his bass in an amazing belting leather gig bag that was probably $1000 or so.

One additional option is the Carvin SC10 case. It's a good cross between a rigid case and a soft case, and runs around $120 http://www.carvinguitars.com/products/SC10N:

Gator has some hybrid cases that work OK with straps.
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