Hello everybody! I recently recorded a funk improvisation using my strat. Would love to get some constructive criticism on it. Lately I've been working on developing longer phrases and more creative note-choices, so hopefully you will hear some of that in this improv.
I will of course C4C


PS: Please excuse the horrid video quality, it was recorded on a Nokia smartphone worth 25 bucks :P
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Real fucking groovy stuff dude. You did a great job moving around the neck, and keeping it interesting. I found the part from 1:50-2:15 failed to really grab my attention. But then you were back into the main lick. I got to say though I do not usually listen to this type of music and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Good work!

I remember jamming over the same track a few months back! It's very cool to see somebody with a keener funk sensibility playing with it.

Suffice to say, your targeting of chord tones and weaving between tonalities was sophisticated and effective throughout. Each solo passage was melodic in its sensibility, reflective of the style, and, most importantly, musical. I especially appreciate that you veered away from a soloist role at opportune times to play in unison with the recurring main motif. That's just all-around good musicianship, there.
Moreover, it was great to hear more elaborate, rapid playing only near the end of the piece. There was plenty of breathing room throughout the performance, and that type of perpetual structural awareness - both in the moment, and thinking ahead - is a most valuable skill to possess. Kudos!

It's a world different to what you've shown us here, but I have a song available at the following link that I'd love some feedback on:


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You weren't kidding about the 'funk' part! Your phrasing was spot-on! I really dig your playing style. The only pitfall of this is the audio/video quality. It's obvious you feel the groove and have it pumping out of your fingers. The backing is pretty sweet too. I really think this deserves a second take or recording with an audio interface. The phrasing at 2:38+ was catchy and non-chalant. It seems like you could belt out riffs like this all day.

Thanks for sharing this with us.

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Hey man. Thank you for the critique on my video. I really appreciate it. Onwards...

Your playing is very mature and you clearly have a very strong control of the instrument and the sounds you want to make. For an improvisation it was really very good. The guitar tone is excellent and the weaving in and out of leads was nicely done. Honestly, other than the video quality (which you have acknowledged is not great) I have no suggestions. I would like to hear a full length piece from you.