This Tab Contains the Bass, Guitar, Vocal lines and Guitar solo.
Was going for a ghost town by the specials feel.


Verse 1
I wanna be on a mountain
I wanna be on a mountainside
To feel the breeze where the airs thin
I wanna be in a castle in the sky-----
Anywhere else but here

Verse 2
I wanna be in the ocean
Falling asleep with my benthic friends
Feel the ebb and the motion
Of the waves as they crash overhead
Any place else but here
As the waves crash overhead-----
Anywhere else but here

(You should know)
I'm not saying had enough of this life
I'd just like something new
Of all the places that I've heard people find
I'd like to find them with you

I wanna be in the night sky
Floating around in the endless void
A little speck in the moonlight
A shooting star you can make a wish upon
Anywhere else but here
Make a wish upon----
Anywhere else but here, (Let's Go)

I'm not saying had enough of this life
I'd sure like something new
And all the stupid things said deep in the fight
I'd like to take back from you

Verse 4
I wanna be in the future
I wanna be where my dreams come true
I wanna look back on right now
Know that this was just something we went through
Anywhere else but here
Something we went through-------

Anywhere else but here X4
Lets go.ptb
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