Hello all,

A little about me: I started playing guitar about 3 years ago, and after my first year I lost my will to play and picked it back up again (so I would say I've been playing 2 years).
I've never had a guitar teacher and have never really had a set practice routine.
To give you an idea of where I am in terms of skill - I'm at a point where I can play most difficult Metallica (One, Master of Puppets....) and Bullett For My Valentine (Scream Aim Fire, Waking The Demon...) just to give a few examples.
I dont have a lot of formal music education (barely know any scales) and Id like to learn.
My ultimate goal is to become very technically proficient at playing guitar.
Anyway, here is a routine that I made up based in a template I found online, and I would like some constructive criticism:
Warm Up (10 minutes) - Goals: Building physical stamina and hand coordination.
- Down picking (4 minutes) - 1 minute to warm up the wrist, 3 minutes going for a bpm PR.
- Fingering (2 minutes) - Fingering a string going 20 seconds on each finger as fast as possible.
- Triple picking (3 minutes) - Going for bpm pr.
- Chromatic Excersice (1 min) - 1-2-3-4 using all fingers going all the way up the neck.

Technique (15 minutes) - Goals: Getting better at the specific techniques in the bracket.
- Sweep picking (10 minutes)
- String skipping (5 minutes)

Scales (20 minutes) - Goals: Learning the scales and being able to play them fast and comfortably.
- Pentatonic Scale 1 (10 minutes) - Practicing with metronome to increase speed.
- Pentatonic Scale 2 (10 minutes) - Practicing with metronome to increase speed.

Riffs and Songs (20 minutes) - Goals: Getting better at specific pieces - usually an extension of tech.
- Rhythm (10 minutes)
- Lead (10 minutes)

Improvisation (5 minutes)
- Improvisation using a backing track fitting to scale used earlier.
Looks good to me. But you should trying only up strokes ( picking only up)
Also when doing the chormatic scales. Instead of just doing 1-2-3-4 trying doing 2-1-3-4
4-2-3-1 etc also maybe some time learning chords and arpeggios.