Anyone have any experience with prs prestige guitars? They're a Canadian company, I've found an amazing looking one on eBay and the video on YouTube of the guitar looks great! But I know nothing of the company, the guitar seems to cheap for it to be good!
Ps. It is a hollowbody Les Paul shape
Uuum there's PRS guitars in the US and Ibanez Prestige models.... sounds sketchy man, do you have a link?
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That makes more sense, I haven't heard of them, I'll have to check them out.

I can only find them on German sites, are you sure they are Canadian? They look gorgeous, there's a few reviews on the net but not much in the way of specs (meiner deutsch ist nicht gut )
I'm just a kickin' and a gougin' in the mud and the blood and the beer.
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Haha i googled prestige heritage, I need to look into it, I just tried a 70s vintage Gibson, didn't like the none gloss finish and a gloss studio with the smaller headstock, they were both nice but for the money I reckon there are better guitars, I wonna play it just not look at it so I'm scared about purchasing haha!
Really gutted how underwhelming the two gibsons were, I liked the sound of the 70s tribute but maybe I should save for a traditional/standard
I had never heard of Prestige guitars before, but happened to see one today and had a chance to play it. Wasn't the hollow body but the heritage standard LP. I have to say that it was very impressive, played well and sounded great. Has solid fit and finish and felt better than a Gibson Traditional LP I played a month ago at Guitar Center. At <$1,000 brand new, IMO, value for the quality and sound was great. Love the SD JB and 59 pickups in this guitar, felt really solid, wouldn't change a thing on it.
just got it delivered today, will be doing a new guitar day thread once my photos have uploaded