I want to record directly onto my computer (Windows 7) using a cable that has a quarter inch jack on one side and a USB on the other. What software am I going to need to use, preferably free or at the lowest price. And don't say ASIO4ALL because I know it is harmful to your computer.

Also, what editing software could I use to add reverb, distortion etc. I have a good effects processor in amp already, but this is just if I want to add equalizer or something to my recording in post.

By the way, whatever stuff I get doesn't have to be top quality, I am just making some amaetur "studio" demos/recordings with my band.

Thanks for the help.
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And don't say ASIO4ALL because I know it is harmful to your computer.

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I've had tube amps for a while now, but never actually had any go down on me
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How is ASIO4ALL harmful to your computer?

Actually all the cheapie 1/4 to USB guitarlink type of cables are sold with ASIO4ALL drivers.

You can start with this list, ART UConnect, Behringer UM2, Guitarlink, Presonus Audiobox and so forth. I'd suggest getting a real audio interface just in case you want to add a mic later, and they have real drivers, not ASIO4ALL, so probably the Audiobox or the Roland Duo-Capture mk2
what are you talking about with the ASIO thing?
ASIO4ALL is just a driver...most companies have propriety drivers that only work with their interfaces n all, but with A4A it allowed everything to work together to some degree.

so dl A4A and reaper and setup your in to the usb guitar. there's lots of stuff on youtube and in the manual in the zip file of A4A that shows you what to do.
If there is no native ASIO drivers for your device, you will be required to use Asio4All if you care anything about latency, which my rise up to like 100 ms without ASIO.

Reaper all the way.