Do you walk around in your house/apartment with dirty shoes or slippers on?

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I like cleanliness and not a huge fan of outside dirt getting inside.

And I don't understand why people do it. Insanitary, man.
Shoes are expressly forbidden in the house

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My family takes shoes off at the living room or stairs. It's mostly tile leading up to those areas so its fine IMO. Most friends have designated areas at the door though, ESPECIALLY Asian ones (big fancy shoe racks).
I don't like taking my shoes off in someone else's home. Who knows where their floor has been.
You could make the same argument pro-shoes in the house about sanitation. It's better for the floor to get dirty than your feet, isn't it?

I'm wearing my shoes right now, but I usually take them off at some point and put on some slippers.
I usually go everywhere in either boots or barefeet

wearing new boots rn should take them off though
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Winter = thick cotton bath robe, boxer shorts, and $6 WalMart slippers.

Summer = boxer shorts and flip flops
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why would you even wear shoes in a house? no shoes is obviously more comfortable

To keep your feet from getting cold or dirty.
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It'll ruin socks faster wearing them around the house like slippers. I do it sometimes even though I know it'll wear them out if I don't like the socks (gifts).
no, i never wear shoes / slippers on the carpet areas like my bed room.

the living room is hardwood, so i don't care when i have guests over, same with the ******* i can just mop up any dirt carried over.

but i'll fukin slap you if you come up stairs with shoes on
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i am in the school of thought that feet are gross too so i'd rather just keep my shoes on everywhere. and because of this the floor is disgusting anyway
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I don't like taking my shoes off in someone else's home. Who knows where their floor has been.
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I'm always in my socks but it's a comfort thing. Everyone else in my house just wears shoes constantly.

I can only think of two or three houses I've been in where the people didn't want shoes inside. And I like having my shoes off but it would be kinda rude to just take them off whenever
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No and I can't stand it when people do. I always ask everyone to take their shoes off as soon as they're inside my place; I don't even want people tracking outside dirt down the hallway. There is a shoe rack right by the door for a reason. I make exceptions when needed (like a few days ago some people came over to fix my heater and it was a 5 minute deal and they didn't step on my rugs so I didn't say anything, but I was just waiting for them to leave so I could vacuum right after)

I don't even like wearing my shoes at other people's houses when they have their shoes on lol. I do wear fuzzy slippers at home but I never wear them outside and rarely in the ******* where I am prone to spilling food while cooking. I also vacuum over them every other day and wash them once a week so they stay clean all the time. Even then I would never wear them in bed.
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Shoes are expressly forbidden in the house

pretty stereotypical tbh
I do, but my apartment is gross already.

I'll probably stop now that it's all snowy/grody outside.
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pretty stereotypical tbh


these only

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I used to wear those all the time when I was younger but then our downstairs neighbors started complaining about the noise
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i keep them on 'cuz w/e fuck yr. couch

i wear shoes inside all the time. problem? go fuck yourself.

if you want me to take em off at your house, no problem. but don't be a prick about it.

also, when i lived with my grandparents, shoes in the house were a must because my grandfather broke a dish and did a shit job cleaning it up just about every other day.

also dropped tacks and staples and other sharp things all over the floor.
I just wear socks around the house, I have a pair of slip on shoes I'll wear if I take out the garbage or something.

I'll walk around my house with shoes on at times though idgaf.
I always go barefoot in the house, but nobody else does. I honestly don't care. What does it matter if my feet are dirty? It's not like I'm putting them in my mouth or anything. I haven't bit my toenails since I was a kid.
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Barefoot because under floor heating
No shoes inside because I'm to lazy to wash floors.

God damn. Scandinavian Social Democracy rules.
I wear socks or slippers in winter, in summer it's usually sandals
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^ do you girls wear flats in the house?

Nope nope nope, we all know where this is going........
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