Track title: Delusions of grandeur
Link to track: https://soundcloud.com/andresjam/andres-delusions-of-grandeur

Hey dudes,

This is my 'latest' track (I actually wrote it and tracked most of it back in May, but I made a few changes and finally uploaded it). This track is called 'Delusions of grandeur'

Per usual it's a little all-over the place genrewise. I hope you all enjoy it. I appreciate any feedback you might have and would be more than happy to check out your work too. Please leave a link to your forum post or track.

Thanks bros!
I like the tone of the rhythm guitar and the fact that it's heavy!

sometimes the rhythm guitar and drumming are not in sync and I wish you played a little Solo, but I liked the track
Cool track and nice tone. I think you need some vocals in there or a solo guitar instead to play a melody if you want it as instrumental track
Thanks for reviewing my tune.

Your track wasn't as heavy as I anticipated, which is good for me. Some of the drumming got interesting. Programmed I'm guessing. I liked when the solo came in and it made me think there should've been more of it. I think the ending could have been resolved better though.
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Hey man, thanks for the review - definitely some good points for me to go back and listen to! So a disclaimer on your song - it's a genre I'm unfamiliar with but I'll do my best. I do like it, it's clearly been produced very well and the instrumentation is again well designed. The rhythms gel nicely with the guitar throughout and the extra guitar that comes in towards the end really brings it together. I think improvements could be made with the dynamics though - it was really begging for an extra instrument of some kind to come in long before it did and it would open the song up to a more complex (and longer should you want it) structure. Also, I think the lead guitar should have held a note for the fade out rather than been muted, a minor point but one that immediately felt very strange to me. Hope that helps!
Nice track, man! Not really my cup of tea, but this cup is definitly a well-thought out track! It sounds like you are using a lot of cool and weird chords, which is cool. I think you did a great job with the solo at the end, creative note choices and it fit the mood of the song. I would agree with weorge that it would be cool to have a note being held for the fade out.
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As usual with your work, this is well thought out and performed. he mix is nice and clean too so no need to say much more about it. You have a style that utilises a lot of chords and harmonies I have no understanding of - but it works. The drums work well. The solo at the end is interesting, I like what you did with it. The little bend downwards, the slightly odd timing - it's a sort of avante garde feel. Fading out the backing track with solo still up was interesting - not sure if it worked totally for me. The final notes of the lead almost sounded like it was unfinished. I think maybe the backing fade out needed to be timed more exactly with the pluck of the final note.

Anyway a nice track overall.

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